Work-based Learning Toolkit and Partnership Plans

University of Jaén, Spain

Who are they?

University of Jaén (UJA or UJAEN) is a public university set  in JaénAndalucíaSpain. It is a young university established by Law 5 / 1993 of the Andalusian Parliament of July 1, 1993. In addition to the principal campus, Campus Lagunillas, located in Jaén, the university has two satellite campuses in Linares and Úbeda. Currently, the Scientific-Technological Campus is launched  in Linares

What is their Age Friendly product or service?

V Own master’s edition in Accessibility for Smart City; the global city.

Who is the target market?

People from different disciplines such as architects, designers, social workers, psychologists, technologists, etc

How did the organization identify the need at the outset?

Due to the increase in the population of the elderly and people with functional diversity, together with their difficulties in accessing their environment , Law 51/2003 of December 2, on Equal Opportunities, Non-Discrimination and Universal Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities , LIONDAU, in its art 2 defines Universal Accessibility as “the condition that environments, processes, goods, products and services, as well as objects or instruments, tools and devices, must meet to be comprehensible, usable and practicable by all people in conditions of safety and comfort and in the most autonomous and natural way possible, presupposes the design strategy for all and it is understood without prejudice of the reasonable adjustments that must be adopted “. Next, Royal Decree 293/2009, of July 7, is issued, which approves the regulation that regulates the rules for accessibility in infrastructures, urban planning, building and transport in Andalusia. With the vision of transfer knowledge in this sector, the University of Jaén establishes the Master of Accessibility among its training plan.

Benefits and opportunities

After the assimilation of all the contents of this learning tool, any student will be able to acquire skills, abilities and knowledge about Universal Accessibility, this may be useful for them,   in order to create products or services that satisfy the condition that environments, processes, goods must meet, to be understandable, usable and practicable by all people, specially aging people which will add value to the economy silver.

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