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Project Memo, Poland

MEMO is a project whose goal is to create a multimedia device, which uses various audio-visual techniques, devices dedicated to seniors (65+).

Using it helps older people to get used to new technologies (and thus indirectly to prevent digital and cultural exclusion), but also, what is very important – to stimulate their memory. The memory as such cannot be repaired, but we can do a lot to keep it in good condition for as long as possible and that was one of the main tasks of this device. It also supports establishing and maintaining intergenerational relationships. It is a very popular tool among older people.

The device was created with the participation of designers and technology specialists, but the seniors themselves as the future users were also involved in the entire process at almost every stage of the process.

MEMO had over 3 months of tests conducted by researchers from SWPS University, whose aim was to measure the impact of applications on the cognitive state of users. In addition, it was also checked in terms of its use in various contexts – by people living alone, in grandparents-granddaughter relationships, as well as during group activities. Thanks to this, it was possible to detect any faults, barriers or obstacles that could potentially discourage seniors from using the device. The device consists of a tablet, its casing, software – 3 applications: MEMO Training, MEMO Day, MEMO. Souvenirs with original content using images or music.

The report of the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) shows that Polish seniors eagerly reach for technologies associated so far with youth. Last year almost 89% of polish people over 50 years of age used mobile telephony services. Almost half of Polish seniors declare access to the Internet, and every second has a computer. 48% of people belonging to the mentioned age group use the computer and access to the Internet.

MEMO DAY – This is an application that is worth using every day. You will find out about unusual day or name days, you will find information related to memory and health.

MEMO TRAINING – It is an application that offers a variety of exercises that stimulate the action of the mind. By using the exercises, you will regularly strengthen your memory and keep it in good condition.

MEMO Souvenirs – With this application, you can remember important memories for you.

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