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poMOST, Poland

This is an application that facilitates neighborly help.

The tool, based on internet communication technologies, allows elderly people to lead an independent life and integration with the local neighborhood community. The poMOST application facilitates contact between the needy elderly person with the local community in the form of good deeds such as buying sugar, for example, take to the doctor or meeting with friends, help in finding a professional, picking up a parcel, buying medicine, etc.

Thanks to the GPS function and a simple communicator, the elderly person is able to select a predefined area of ​​support and briefly describe a problem.

Reports and needs are sent to users/neighbors who, for a small favor or acting “by the way” will be able to respond to a given need. For example, an older person can ask for a newspaper through the application, which can be done by someone from the neighborhood.

Help in small matters is very important in case of people trapped in apartments in buildings without a lift when descent and going up the stairs are extremely demanding activities, and asking someone from the family (assuming that you have a family) for trifles is sometimes embarrassing for older people. The help rule “by the way” eliminates these problems.

Research shows that by engaging the local neighborhood community in helping older people, not only the sense of security in the basic life functions can be increased, but also the integration of the local community through the involvement of the elderly, friends and relatives.

Considering the common use of mobile applications by younger people and the growing share of older people in the use of internet technologies, the poMOST application has a great opportunity to be more popular.

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