Work-based Learning Toolkit and Partnership Plans

Off the Job Training

Off-the-job training occurs when employees are taken away from their place of work to be trained. It often utilizes lectures, case studies, role playing and things like simulation. In contrast to on the job training which is hands on and practical, off the job training is usually more rooted in theory.

Review of Off the Job Work Based Learning – focus on SME’s and Innovation potential

Work Based Learning Structure Type of training Type of Learner Innovation Potential
Review Industry Field Trip/ Conferences or Learning Expeditions Off the Job immersive learning experience that are mainly organized to observe places, practices, culture, organizations or people in their natural environments. They aim at breaking the usual routine by immersing people out of their comfort zone.


Fields trips are usually a combination of visits, conferences, workshops, practice, meetings with experts, start-ups, investors or even competitors.

Usually internal – both full time and part time staff can benefit from it.


SME’s could also host these types of events for others. Hosting them would bring about a different but equally valuable learning opportunity.

High innovation potential –  By stepping back from usual workplace routines, employees broaden their horizons to think “outside the box”. Exposing your business to different places and people are great ways to facilitate new ideas. Field trips are also a great way to discover what new things are happening in the field.
Day release Off the job training that sees employee take time off work to attend a local college or training centre Usually internal – full time High innovation potential – employee can gain new skills or qualifications related to their field of work
Self-study, Distance/Online learning Flexible learning option – includes the design of a flexible timetable for study from either their own home, workplace or another location of their choice Usually internal – full time staff and SME owners can benefit High innovation potential – huge ranges of online courses available. One of the cheaper forms of Off the Job Training

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