Work-based Learning Toolkit and Partnership Plans

Immersive or Context Based Learning

With Immersive or Context Based Learning, learning comes from integrating vision, sound, movement, spatial awareness, and even touch. It involves generating opportunities to create context, by interacting with our surroundings, holding conversations, making notes, and modifying nearby objects.

Some key points:

  • Learning can come from an enriched context. In the context of Age Friendly Economy, learner could be acquired by spending a day with an elderly person with mobility issues for example.
  • By interpreting new information in the context of where and when it occurs and relating it to what we already know, we come to understand its relevance and meaning.
  • Context enables us to learn from experience or immersion.
  • Immersive learning with the aid of technology may enable SME’s to explore possibilities that would be difficult, dangerous, or impossible in everyday life. It is highly relevant in developing age friendly products and services.
  • By using technologies such as virtual reality, 3D screens or handheld devices, learners can experience immersive learning can happen in the workplace rather than outside of it.

Participation in well-designed immersive learning is likely to be stimulating and memorable.

Example of Immersive Learning for Age Friendly Economies:

Employee or Intrapreneur from a Mobility Company could physically immerse themselves in a Nursing Home for a week to come up with ideas for new daily living aids to get seniors and those with restricted mobility more freedom.   DiTieri said intrapreneurs need opportunity and resources to learn.

“Teach them how to look for problems that are worth solving,”

“Give them the tools because they might have the intrapreneurial spirit but not an intrapreneurial toolkit.”

SPOTLIGHT: In the 1970’s, a 25-year-old industrial designer Patricia Moore[1] put on smeared glasses, ear plugs and uneven shoes to experience life as an 80-year-old woman. What she learned led her to redesign many everyday products such as potato peelers to be more inclusive.


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