Work-based Learning Toolkit and Partnership Plans

Fostering Intrapreneurship Skills in a Work-Based Learning Environment

Success comes when SMEs create an open, collaborative climate that encourages innovation and risk taking. A climate that encourages curiosity and rewards creativity.   For SME’s and companies to thrive, innovation needs to come from the inside and be part of the DNA and culture of the organisation.

The companies winning at intrapreneurship are doing a few key things which are very replicable.  To create this climate, SMEs should :

  1. Create a learning culture: A culture of learning in a company is a very valuable asset that brings with it endless business development opportunities. For learning cultures to bring value, they need to be embedded into all aspects of the SME’s work. Nurturing a work-based learning culture of continual improvement built on appreciation and respect will help the SME achieve better results
  2. Encourage peer-to-peer learning. Peer-to-peer learning can transform a company culture and break down communication barriers between employees and teams. When the flow of information is set free, everyone wins and innovation flourishes
  3. Facilitate collaborative forms of development to share knowledge and experiences, making people responsible for their own learning agenda, allowing learning from failures and supporting working as a collective
  4. Create a safe environment for questions: Curiosity begins with questions. SMEs must allow time for exploration and questions. They also must be present (physically and intellectually) and curious during these sessions
  5. Encourage and reward risk taking: SMEs are rightfully constantly concerned about managing/controlling risk. Encouraging and incentivizing risk taking will open up the organization’s thinking and create more engagement [1]
  6. Make intrapreneurship visible – explore the benefits of joining and participating in a network on intrapreneurs e.g.



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