Work-based Learning Toolkit and Partnership Plans

Crossover Learning

Crossover Learning sees a theme, question or issue discussed in the workplace followed by learners exploring that question on a business trip, field trip or conference day.  It includes the collection of photos or notes as evidence, then sharing findings back in the company setting.   The mixture of learning spaces, workplace and outside of work, together with the creation of connected experiences is seen to spark innovative approaches and increased motivation to learn.  These crossover learning experiences exploit the strengths of both environments and provide learners with authentic and engaging opportunities for learning.

Example:   Crossover Learning for Age Friendly Economies: SME owners can bring work-based learning to new levels by introducing a variety of learning spaces. To develop Age Friendly Products and Services, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs will benefit from varying their work and research environments. Coupled with Universal Design and Empathy, this can be very fruitful.

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