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Benefits of Intrapreneurship for Age Friendly Economy SMEs

Intrapreneurs help a company “win the innovation game”, fostering research and development and working on the next big product or service that traditional R&D might overlook. A key benefit of intrapreneurship is that an SME saves money on traditional research and development. With the savvy and insight of employees eager to innovate, the SME is able to innovate and bring their innovation to market effectively and quickly, expanding their market share and financial performance.

A company with an” intrapreneurial” approach is in a strong position because intrapreneurs are not only talented, but their work and dedication also bring the best in colleagues. In other words, they make other people talented because of their commitment to a project, product or service.


An SME with an intrapreneurial mindset attracts like-minded professionals to an internal innovation culture where unbridled creativity is fostered and recognized. Employee morale goes up when personnel know there is a corporate culture in which entrepreneurship is valued and rewarded. In addition, staff members are keen to complete their usual workload quickly, so they can spend more time on where their passion really lies – thus boosting productivity.

This phenomenon typically occurs in technology companies, but can also be seen in other sectors.

Intrapreneurs working in silver economy SMEs benefit the entire society with their innovative products and services.

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