LISBURN & CASTLEREAGH COUNCIL (NI-UK) is a local government authority in Northern Ireland, which focuses on incorporating new programmes into their organisation to expand its overall effectiveness. The project will be led by the Economic Development Unit, whose goal is to develop the region as a prime location for business growth and start-up. They have a growing interest in the ‘Silver Economy’ and have participated in previous programmes that align themselves well with the  ‘Age Friendly Communities’ project. Lisburn & Castlereagh Council will lead this project and will also be responsible for project management.


EUROPEAN E-LEARNING INSTITUTE (DK) specialises in the creation of powerful online platforms, immersive educational environments and provision of resources and tools to create truly valuable learning experiences. EUEI courses build on the expertise of our European collaborators, who are mainly academic specialists with a successful track record in teaching in the areas of VET, HE and lifelong learning. Each of our online courses is delivered via a state-of-the-art learning system with an asynchronous learning format which enables learners to advance at their own pace, taking into consideration professional and personal commitments. EUEI will lead IO2: Curriculum and Content for Digital Technology Skills.


FELTECH (IE) is a respected VET training provider, focusing on entrepreneurship as a means of professional progress and social cohesion.  Their consulting wing has a proven track record in marketing and creative curricular development and they are a highly experienced in management and evaluation of Erasmus+ projects.  They will lead IO4, the development of the Online Platform.


LOUTH COUNTY COUNCIL (IE)  is a statutory body, tasked with delivering quality services to the communities of County Louth. LCC been unrelenting in pursuing new ideas, policies, strategies and solutions in order to ensure improved efficiencies and cost savings are achieved.  The Council is committed to working with Community Groups, a wide range of statutory agencies and NGOs as well as constantly improving engagement with neighbouring authorities, as a means to achieving results beyond what could be achieved working alone. With this partnership experience and the success of their ageing initiative  “Age Friendly Counties’, a programme targeted at age friendliness  and the development of  a forward-looking agenda and programme for older people. LCC are ideally placed to lead IO1: WORK-BASED LEARNING TOOLKIT


AGEING LAB FOUNDATION (ESP) is a foundation which specialises in the research on the ageing process and educating people about ageing. Ageing Lab promotes the generation of synergies between the different stakeholders involved in the aging process, building a multidisciplinary vision that allows comprehensive answers to be given contributing to the construction of a society for all ages. With extensive experience on the needs of older people, particularly with regard to the products and servies they need, Ageing Lab are key allies to have involved in this project. They will lead the DISSEMINATION of this project


NCC (POLAND): their main aim is to provide services to member companies, including training and education  the organization of cooperation visits and the facilitation of networking opportunities, financial assistance and interest representation and lobbying; it is therefore well attuned to their training and development needs. As they thoroughly understand the SME mindset and training needs, they are well placed to IO3 (Bootcamp). As experienced E+ project leaders they will also lead the evaluation and sustainability aspects of the project.

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