Work-based Learning Toolkit

The Work-based Learning Toolkit comprises a series of knowledge resources which education providers, business support organizations and wider stakeholders can use to help SME’s to innovate with work-based learning. This Guide is designed to have a tangible impact on equipping SME owners to increase the acquisition of new skills of their staff through adoption of Work Based Learning approaches. SME staff will benefit from our far-reaching research into:

  • Different models of work-based learning with a focus on those suited to fostering innovation and intrapreneurship in SME’s.
  • The most pioneering pedagogies (the theory and practice of teaching) for innovation that are most applicable to the realm of age friendly product development

The Guide seeks to encourage SME’s to:

  • change the perception of the potential of work-based learning to increase innovation
  • commit to incorporating work-based learning within their SME
  • commit to the acquisition of innovative digital skills and new product development leading to greater productivity and competitiveness and resilience

This Guide, in tangent with our Age Friendly Economy Partnerships, will lead to a more enabling environment for businesses operating in the Silver Economy. At a regional level, the ambition for a greater level of social capital, informal learning and feedback loops which will contribute to the ongoing improvement of VET and the development of further initiatives.

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